EIFS – Stucco

EIFS – Stucco is an exterior siding system that has been around for centuries. Synthetic stucco, or EIFS (Exterior Insulation and Finish System), looks like       traditional stucco but it is a completely different system. As the name implies, EIFS incorporates a layer of insulation. Such a system is called a VNT system, vertical notched trowel, or water-managed wall system.


Stucco - Traditional Hard Stucco cement plaster (stucco) is a time-tested exterior finish. It consists of Portland cement-based materials and sand, mixed with water to form a workable plaster. Portland cement, the same material that is the basis for the hardened properties of concrete used to build super-highways, bridges, and skyscrapers provides strength, durability, and toughness in Portland cement plaster. Portland cement plaster is applied either by hand or machine to exterior and interior wall surfaces in two or three coats.


Waterproofing – From new construction... to routine maintenance & leak repairs... to total building restorations, Exterior Wall Systems LLC is the single source for all your building waterproofing and restoration needs. We specialize in above and below-grade waterproofing, damp-proofing, air, and vapor barriers, roll on membranes, trowel systems etc.Henry , W.R Grace , W.R Meadows , Tremco , Karnak , Laurenco , CETCO

Stone Veneer

Stone Veneer – Nothing else creates a sense of timeless romance and permanence. The natural formations and weathering of , stone lend a sense of time-established character to a building’s exterior. Using architectural stone veneer, a cost-effective, lighter weight alternative to natural stone, homeowners and contractors are able to transform ordinary surfaces into magnificent architectural statements. Stone veneer can bring texture and depth to intimate spaces or create stunning grand statements, indoors and out.


Caulking – windows, expansion joints, tilt-ups, concrete joints and cracks, sidewalks, panel joints, swing stage, etc. Sonneborn, Tremco, Pecora, Dow Corning, Sika, BASF